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Freakangel Cooks: Initial Post "Examples"

So, the first entry... Where to start, where to start?

Well, as you may have figured out already I'm Angel (AKA freakangel) and from time to time I cook stuff. You know how it is, need to fuel yourself for the day's activities and so on. Pretty basic stuff eh? *laughs* For me throwing together a handful of  things to create a tasty and filling meal or snack usually isn't  too difficult, it actually comes fairly easily to be honest.

I've had friends enjoy my random concoctions periodically over the years and frequently they have expressed appreciation for my unique brand and style of tossing together a delectable creation.
This morning upon making breakfast for my boyfriend (butcher bacon seasoned with Montreal steak spice and a serious omelet - sadly there was no photo taken of this breakfast) he was commenting on how good it was and suggested I blog about some of the foods I make us. Perhaps pseudo-recipes and pictures..

Well, now that you are up to speed on what this blog will be about from here out, lets get to it!

This first posting will just be some examples of things made in the past that I happened to have photos of. Pay attention to the captions or information about the foods pictured in this blog and the blogs to come will be more focused on the details of the meals.

Quick Snack:

Air Popped corn with real butter and salt - Remember the kernels are WAY cheaper to buy than that microwave crap and an air popper isn't gonna break the bank!


Pretty standard: Scrambled eggs, toast and butcher bacon; add a bit of cheese (and ketchup if you are me) and as you can plainly see: Breakfast Sandwich. Voilà! 
Can't handle gluten? Going low carb? No problem! Broccoli is fantastic with eggs so cut off some pepper jack, fry up some ham, then scramble some veggies in your eggs and use the ham instead of bread to make a killer breakfast sandwich. 
Awesome Ham n Egger with pepper jack and veggies -  The killer breakfast sandwich you can't eat with your hands so have your utensils handy for this one!


In the pot: Noodles. In the pan: beef n veggies for a hearty pasta meal. Don't forget the garlic, cayenne pepper and chipotle chilli pepper and seasoning of your choice -> season to taste.   
All that is missing is the sauce and some cheese, add the noodles, unbuckle your belt and EAT!
Salad for work lunch - why not?! Caesar pre-made chicken salad  minus the croutons and add chopped fresh veg of your preference (bell peppers,  tomatoes, mushrooms etc) - pro tip: package your salad dressing separate from the salad until the time of  consumption to avoid soggy salad syndrome. LOL
Group effort intense nachos - fry the ground beef before baking,  layer corn chips then spoon on globs of re-fried beans, salsa, chopped peppers (bell, banana and jalapeño), the pre-fried meat (ground beef, chicken, turkey or pork - adding bacon or sausage is always a plus - mixing in some of the salsa and even the beans while frying  and adding hot sauce is a plus) sour cream (if you like that sort of thing) and grated cheese. Layer on another layer of chips and  repeat until you either reach the top or run out of nacho stuff. Bake until hot in the middle and melty good...
Serious nachos fresh from the oven.
Leftover pulled pork? Pulled pork n sausage pasta!  Boil your noodles in a pot, in your pan  mix in your chopped  veg of choice (red onion, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomato etc) with the meats, season to taste (I'm partial to varying chillies, chipotle, garlic and cayenne pepper) - when the noodles are soft (wall test!) and everything in your pan is fried up, flavours mingling - add a can/bottle/homemade tomato/pasta sauce, some hot sauce and mix thoroughly. 
Liberally scoop the pulled pork n veg n sauce mix onto the bare pasta then add grated or parmesan cheese over top. 


Feeling carnivorous? Fire up the grill and feast on meat! Cheddar links and steak (seasoned with Montreal steak spice) grilled to perfection, sauced late in the grilling process with chicken n rib BBQ sauce - Don't forget the mustard for those sausages!!
T-Bone time! Steaks pre-seasoned with Montreal steak spice, roasted red pepper and garlic, with a touch of chipotle chilli powder and cayenne pepper. Served up with a deluxe garden salad.  
What goes with everything including steak and salad? BACON.  T-Bone served with deluxe garden salad consisting of: Lettuce, bell peppers (green, red and orange), tomato, mushrooms, broccoli... and crumbled butcher bacon (seasoned with Montreal steak spice while frying) all shaken up in Catalina with bacon dressing. Divine.

Camp Fire Cooking:

Most people have roasted a marshmallow over a fire, but have you roasted a marshmallow ice cream cone over a fire? The hollow cone makes for easy stick spearing and fire cooking - crack off the bottom tip and insert your cooking stick, it's that easy!
S'mores, a camping classic - but who wants to fuss around with baking chocolate or chocolate chips with potentially freezing cold camping hands? Bring chocolate spread or even chocolate nut spread (ie: Nutella) and spread it pre-roasting for a smooth and sticky sweet sweet s'mores treat. (Bonus: Coating a marshmallow in Nutella before roasting it is amazing even if there are no crackers involved. It hardens into a crisp nutty flavoured chocolate shell around the hot, sticky, ooey-gooey marshmallow centre. YUM!) 
While either are good on their own, a simple foil pan is all you need to  fire cook bacon wrapped sausages over your camp fire. Pro tip: butcher bacon is often a wider cut, thus making them ideal for wrapping as they cover more surface area.
Fire roasted slow-cooked rotisserie bacon. BACON! Fold the bacon in a wide accordion style then spear through with your cooking stake ensuring both ends are securely affixed to the stick before hovering over the fire. Keep a decent distance from the flames as dripping bacon fat can lead to flare ups and your bacon even catching on fire. Slowly rotate the stick ensuring the bacon is cooked thoroughly and crisped on all sides.
 So, if any of this looks appealing to you be sure to check out my future posts and follow freakangel's cooking blog 'cause even freaks n angels gotta eat... Everybody eats!


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