Monday, 3 June 2013

Freakangel Cooks: Club-ish Crossiant

For the most part I don't eat a lot of bread. However, from time to time nothing hit's the spot like a sandwich. This delightful number I munched on for lunch today takes many aspects of a club sandwich, adds a few things and replaces bread with a croissant. I grilled these bad boys up on the George Foreman grill giving the croissant a nice crisp, flaky nature.

Don't forget bacon goes with almost everything. Now, it's sandwich time!
Grilled to perfection...

Friday, 31 May 2013

Freakangel Cooks: Orange Chocolate Textured Double Chocolate Cookies

I like so many other people have a real sweet tooth. Cakes, cookies, you name it! Due to an unfortunate food allergy none of my tasty treats will ever include cinnamon. Lucky for me these double chocolate delights have no need for that poisonous spice. 

I've decided to put a twist on an old favorite; take your standard double chocolate cookie, replace vanilla extract with pure orange extract and your got orange double chocolate cookies! Sounds delicious already, I know. Now, toss in a little coconut and a handful of oats for texture and your mouth will be watering before you know it! 

Caution: These cookies are deliciously sweet. Also, this recipe makes quite a few of them (I got 36 med-lg and 9 bite-sized cookies when I crafted these today) 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Freakangel Cooks: Hot and Heavy Mozza Nachos

When you go out for pub grub with friends there is always the temptation to share those meal sized nachos. Sometimes you give in to temptation and get them, even gobbling them all up yourself without the sharing part heh heh. There's nothing stopping you from having the nachos you crave for supper or a hefty snack in your own home.

The variation I'll be making here involves ground beef, sausage and bacon. However, they can also be made with ground turkey, chicken, pork or using the ever popular option of chunks of chicken. They can be made with just veggies and no meat as well, but for people with a meat tooth like myself that's a much less fun option.

Grab your salsa, meats and a cheese grater and let's get to it!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Freakangel Cooks: Succulent Slow Cooked Pot Roast with Residual Beef and Vegetable Soup

We all know how it is to live a busy life; you would love to have a nice home cooked meal but who has the time to cook one? This is where the beauty and convenience of a slow cooker comes into play.

Today for supper I'm slow cooking my roast in my crock pot in such a way that while we may eat succulent pot roast for supper, but there will be beef vegetable soup available upon completion also. Typically I don't follow recipes when I'm cooking, I just kinda wing it with the flavors I enjoy that complement one another and the particular foods I'm working with.

So, let's get started!

Freakangel Cooks: Summer Berry Smoothie

From time to time I get a little lazy and don't even want to cook, I'm sure we've all been there. Especially on a hot summer day when it's so humid that the last thing anyone wants to do is slave away over a hot stove. So, for a quick fix when you need to fuel up but don't want to add any more heat to your sweaty day perhaps a smoothie is just what the doctor ordered. This post will be like the smoothie making process - quick and simple. Just follow the picture captions and before you know it you'll be sucking back a cool, refreshing, thick and fruity dairy delight.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Freakangel Cooks: Initial Post "Examples"

So, the first entry... Where to start, where to start?

Well, as you may have figured out already I'm Angel (AKA freakangel) and from time to time I cook stuff. You know how it is, need to fuel yourself for the day's activities and so on. Pretty basic stuff eh? *laughs* For me throwing together a handful of  things to create a tasty and filling meal or snack usually isn't  too difficult, it actually comes fairly easily to be honest.

I've had friends enjoy my random concoctions periodically over the years and frequently they have expressed appreciation for my unique brand and style of tossing together a delectable creation.
This morning upon making breakfast for my boyfriend (butcher bacon seasoned with Montreal steak spice and a serious omelet - sadly there was no photo taken of this breakfast) he was commenting on how good it was and suggested I blog about some of the foods I make us. Perhaps pseudo-recipes and pictures..

Well, now that you are up to speed on what this blog will be about from here out, lets get to it!

This first posting will just be some examples of things made in the past that I happened to have photos of. Pay attention to the captions or information about the foods pictured in this blog and the blogs to come will be more focused on the details of the meals.